February 10, 2010

Good Snow News!

Blue skies and sunshine!!! - and o.k., oddly enough there's still a little snow coming down, but come on - blue skies and sunshine - wooo hooo! Lifts me right up for sure.

The big storms going on in Washington D.C. gave me a wonderful memory too. We lived there very early in our marriage and one February had a huge snow storm, which like this current one, shut down the government and most other businesses. Of course my mortgage company dragged their feet about letting us go home, so that by the time I could leave there was too much snow for me to safely drive the car home. So I bummed a ride from a co-worker who's husband had come to pick her up in a 4-wheel drive, and they took me as far as the bottom of the hill leading up to one of the metro stations. I schlepped up the hill in the deep snow and wind and then waited on the platform, praying and praying that the train would actually arrive. The intercom kept threatening us that the metro would be closing down after this particular stop, so it was a huge relief when it finally came along. The rest of the route was underground, so I did make it to the stop about three blocks from our apartment and once again battled my way down the un-plowed sidewalks and road. This was before cell phones, so all the while I was making my way home, my dear hubbie was waiting with no idea where I was or if I was o.k. To my delight, when I arrived at the front door looking like an exhausted, disheveled snowman, he was there with a smile on his relieved face and believe it or not, a pot of the most delicious SHRIMP JAMBALAYA I have ever eaten!! He had to improvise on a few ingredients, but pulled it off beautifully, and we've never been able to completely duplicate the flavor since then. I think the fact that it was made with such love and care, the fact that we lived in a tiny little apartment where you had to work a little harder to make it feel like home, and our total relief to be together and safely out of the storm, probably made that jambalaya taste even better - great, great memory!

So, since he's had more than his share of white-knuckle, snowy commutes recently, tonight's welcome home will be a nice warm dish of rhubarb crisp - because I like him, because I'm finally feeling like I have a handle on my cold, and because we have lots and lots and lots of rhubarb from our garden in the freezer! Safe drive honey.

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