February 5, 2010

Favorites - New and Not-so-Old!

My birthday is right after Christmas, so this time of year I always end up with an onslaught of great new things. Here are some new favorites:

1. My Starbucks to-go cup for iced coffees - thank you my DD! This looks like a disposable cup, but it's rigid plastic and has a great twist-on lid with a seal. The straw has a little stopper on the end so that it doesn't get pulled out of the cup - which is a good thing when you live with a cat who loves to play with straws and pulls them out of glasses when you're back is turned! This would be a cute thing for a cat to do except that when she goes after the straw, she could care less about whether or not there is anything left in the glass, which has led to some pretty big messes to clean up - darn cat.

2. Panini presses! I thought that I really wanted a Panini maker, but my wise DH found these instead, which are much more versatile and we can use them in any pan and with all shapes and sizes of bread. I have no idea what the appeal is for a smashed sandwich, but they sure are good!

3. These two new cookbooks - could they be more polar opposites?!! Would Julia Child roll over in her grave to have her book photographed next to Anne Byrn's book?! I love the Julia Child book because it's like a piece of history - hers and mine. It takes me back to watching her show on PBS with my dad on Saturday afternoons - good, good memory. The cake book is one I've wanted for a long time, and I'm glad to have the revised edition since some of the reviews revealed that there were a few problems with the first recipes that have been changed for the better in this book. My first use of it will be to make a yummy coconut birthday cake for the next "favorite" in the list.

4. This is a not-so-old favorite of mine - my dear, darling husband who is this weekend's birthday boy! This photo page is one of my favorites in the baby book I put together for him a few years back. His baby photos were in rough shape and had been shuffled around in different households over the years, so when we finally got our hands on them, it was important to protect them. I love these particular shots because you can see the ornery little grin on his face! And this little ornery baby turned into a man that I love dearly - a godly man of honor and great conviction, who is not easily swayed by popular opinion or pushed around by aggresive personality types who try to tell us how to feel and what to think. This favorite of mine is getting better and better with each passing year and I love him all the more for that. Happy Birthday honey!


  1. wow, all great gifts. I would love to have the first two also. Where did he find the presser? So cool.

  2. The presses are from Amazon and if you click on the link in the post it will take you there!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one! Weren't you in Hawaii last year about this time?

  4. We were in Hawaii for my 50th, but we are still thinking about how nice it would be to have gone again this year for either of our birthdays - so much winter to leave behind this year!