January 2, 2010

What's Wrong with this Picture?

This is some stinkin' brutal weather! Ugly, ugly cold. This forecast comes courtesy of WHO TV in Des Moines. Thanks so much, I think. Once in a blue moon we get this cold for so long, and as it happens, we have just recently had an actual blue moon - which is defined as a second full moon in one month. In this picture of the rising moon, you can see the many deer tracks and trails on the hill above our pond.

It's so cold our pilot light on our gas fireplace was refusing to stay lit. We don't know if there was ice up there somewhere or what, but it was not a happy camper and there was even condensation on the inside. We just had a propane fill-up and everything else that runs on propane was working, so who knows. Day two of the problem, DH tried opening the stationary glass screen to let some warmer air in and that finally got things rolling. Not too comforting to think that you can't get the fire going in this kind of weather, but the generator is in fine form, so no worries??

It's so cold that we have had no melting of ice and snow on our gravel road. Since my last post, DH has gone off the road out front too. This ditch story has a happier ending than our daughter's story however. He was trying to pull over and let a neighbor lady go by, but she didn't leave him enough room and he got stuck about the same spot that DD did. This truly thoughtful neighbor summoned her husband with her cell phone, he came trotting right up the hill with his shovel, and helped DH dig the car out in no time. Then the guys stood out in the driveway, snow coming down on them, and chatted for another 15 minutes! Now that's a good neighbor!

It's so cold that the poor little birds can barely get any seed out of our feeders. It just gets frozen up in there. Earlier this week a woodpecker was doing his best to pound through the ice with his beak - poor hungry fellow! He has a great advantage over the little birds and they benefit when he knocks the seed onto the deck. Such a partnership!

It's so cold we can't help but be jealous of our DD, who as I've mentioned is in Guatemala for the next week or so. It's in the 70's there and Saturday her text message said that she had been swimming in volcanic hot springs, and then afterward they hiked to the top of the volcano! That's the way to beat the cold huh? She did say they'd also been doing a lot of painting and scraping at the school, so not all fun and games, but certainly a wonderful balance! Here's a photo of Cuxliquel Volcano, near the school, and the one we assume they hiked.

(from www.deguate.com)

May you find a warm spot of your own and be thankful!

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