January 7, 2010

And One More for Good Measure?

Another storm, another blizzard, more snow, more wind, more drifting. More ice on the roads, more cars off the roads. Unfortunately there was even one fatal accident in Des Moines yesterday during rush hour. And my DH witnessed a police chase rushing toward him on his way home last night! The fool being chased by three police cars went off the road of course - since he was speeding and it was icy - hello????? Do you suppose we take for granted what our public servants have to put up with on a daily basis?

This morning there are some roads closed, and if not closed, travel is not advised. Even last night, DH couldn't distinguish between the roads and the ditches because of blowing snow and unplowed roads - not good. The weather guy reminded people that they should keep in mind that when they choose to go out on the roads in this weather, they are not only endangering themselves, but also those who have to be out rescuing us when we go off the road. There are several rescues in progress around Iowa right now.

Our temperatures are dropping as the morning wears on, and tomorrow's high is supposed to be below zero, and the low somewhere around -18 degrees. My, oh my. We had a joke forwarded to us this morning and here it is for your enjoyment!

"It's so cold, the Democrats are putting their hands into their own pockets!!"

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