December 30, 2009

The End and the Beginning!

Ohhhh, another wonderful Christmas has come and gone! This year will be memorable for many reasons. The not so good reasons revolve around weather and cars - one storm that lasted about 5 days in all with ice, snow, wind, and unbelievable cold temps.

Our plans changed hourly and bad roads aced us out of some important traditions like Christmas Eve service, but it was better to stay safely at home and finish out our Advent devotions around the table. The number of car incidents we've endured has been ridiculous and they aren't over yet! It started of course with DD getting stuck in the deep snow out in front of our house. As a result of that mishap it was discovered that her 4 wheel drive wasn't functioning properly, and we tried to have it repaired here, but it was too close to Christmas and the weather was nasty enough that getting parts here was not possible, so that problem will be fixed back in her college town. Then my car battery pooped out (we knew it was lagging, but the cold temps knocked it out), my left front headlight died, DD's car was frozen solid when we pulled it into the garage to load it up for her return trip, and then as she was attempting to leave yesterday, her car battery was dead - ahhhhh!!!!! But she and I got a refresher course on how to jump start a car - with DH on speaker phone - and that's a good thing!

Other good memories of this Christmas include time spent with local family, a visit from Santa, and a visit to my dear 99-year-old grandmother, which coincided with seeing my dad and step-mom - thanks to weather delays!

Only 80 years separate these two beauties!

We had great meals and treats...

When I was a kid, we always had a table of fruit and nuts left for us on Christmas morning, and we have continued that tradition with a tropical flair since that's DDs favorite kind!

We spent time watching movies and playing games, and we all got wonderful, thoughtful gifts while never forgetting the most wonderful Christmas gift of all!

And for the "beginnings" part of the story - Our baby girl is over the ocean on a jet plane to Guatemala. In case you don't know, she's part of a team from her college that is going there for mission work at a Christian school. They will paint, construct, and anything else that's needed for the next 10 days. Two other teams from her college are on their way to other destinations for the same reason. Please pray for all of them!

We wish you all a fantastic start to the new year. May you find God's peace and promise in every day! Happy New Year!

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  1. You have a beautiful tree. Your grandma is adorable.