December 9, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Day 9

The blizzard has arrived! Our overnight total was 15 inches and more is coming down now. The winds up on our hill have been brutal - 50 mile per hour gusts. Our house creaked and groaned all night long. You can see that the porch and sidewalk have big drifts and then there's a bare section of lawn and driveway. The DOT has pulled plows from the highways because of winds and poor visibility, and they state that travel is at your own peril - but the roads aren't officially closed - hmmm???

Updates on preparing the way:
1. Printed out a wonderful Advent booklet we found on the internet. We may back up a little and do several devotions a day so as not to miss the rich build up for the season. It puts all other stresses in perspective and makes them insignificant in comparison to the wonderful news of the coming of the Savior.

2. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

3. The baking frenzy did begin! So far we have peanut clusters, macadamia nut blondies, and toffee triangles.

My DH is home for a second day thanks to the storm, so I'll have a buddy on this snowy day and I am truly blessed!


  1. Jill, I love your site. I visit every couple of days to read up on your news & information. It's beautiful and interesting! Miss ya & Love ya, Heidi G.

  2. Thanks Heidi! I miss you too and love you all very much. We're in SC to hear the Christmas concert tonight - wish you guys were here with us!