December 3, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Day 4

We're having a soft, pretty snow today. I used an extra fine setting on my camera, and I actually was able to capture the snowflakes in the photo - a learning curve for me! In this picture you can see the corner of our pond, which has frozen over and is covered with snow for the first time this season - 21 degrees outside will do that!

Our holiday date last night was attending the live performance of Glenn Beck's The Christmas Sweater! It was very good. After talking it over for a while, my husband and I came to the conclusion that besides the obvious redemption message in the book, one of the most positive things that you can glean from the book is the reminder that life is a gift, and it's to be savored and lived joyfully. For us, we know we need to live joyfully because of the fact that we are redeemed by Christ, and we belong to Him - what more joy do you need?! We've been given the gift of our days in order to honor God in all we do. There are times when we get so bogged down in the ridiculous, contentious details of life, that our priorities can get upside down. I am expounding on this fact because there was a downside to our attending last night, which was that it caused a scheduling conflict, and without going into the personal details of how the conflict came about, we came to the conclusion that our priorities are in line - God, spouse, children, and then everything else. For those who would dispute that - so be it.

O.K. down off the soapbox and on to today's holiday progress:
1. The delivery men and I are getting to be on a first name basis at this point! The pile is growing and hopefully this photo is not revealing any surprises to our very nosy child! And, yes, that really is a new KitchenAid mixer- it's a joint gift for my DH and me. It's more powerful and able to mix large batches of whole wheat bread - that's our justification story and we're sticking to it! Other than Amazon, my favorite place for online ordering is JC Penney. I'm not getting a thing out of this recommendation, but just want to tell you that they have one of the fastest delivery systems out there! I ordered an item on Wednesday, and it arrived this morning!

2. Made my list of which Christmas cookies to make this year. I have lots of wonderful organic nuts that were ordered from our bulk food club, so this year's cookies will feature those nuts. I need to get going on them since I plan on taking some to church for snack next week - I will not obsess on how many things need to get done, I will not, I will not... This is a good mantra!

3. Shopping yesterday was very successful, and driving home late last night with packages in the back, Christmas carols playing, and snow squalls cropping up a few times - happy girl.

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