December 22, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Day 23

1. The storm has descended upon us, our tender lilac bush is wearing an ice coat today - as is the driveway, and our porches, and maybe some power lines?? Just as we had suspected, our plans are changing. We'll not be traveling to Christmas Eve service, and we won't try to go to visit my Grandmother on Christmas Day, unless something drastic changes with the weather. We've rescheduled our visit with her, which made her happy since she won't worry about us being on the road. We're starting this storm with ice and freezing rain, then snow, then wind. Nice if you don't have to go anywhere, but I can't help but think of all the disappointment that will be going around with changed travel plans, etc. We'll be praying for safety for all those who decide to brave these roads, not to mention the people whose jobs require them to be out. Hmmm...last year we were packing for Hawaii about now...

2. One more shopping trip happened Monday - and it was all due to this pretty scarf. My daughter did such a good job picking out my Christmas gift before she came home, that she chose the same thing I bought for myself a few weeks ago! The poor baby spotted my new scarf in the closet and realized that she had to start all over looking for a gift for me - sorry kiddo! In my defense, I never buy things for myself and I hate going shopping, so, when I'm out doing Christmas shopping I try to kill two birds with one stone and get things I need since I'm there anyway - logical huh? Plus the fact that at Christmas there are many more things at the stores from which to choose. And she ended up with a nice new scarf too - happy ending?

3. We've been breaking into our Christmas cookie supply and enjoying a sampling each night with coffee. I wonder which blessed soul started the whole cookie baking tradition. They deserve an honorable mention in history books!

4. One of the main themes in our Advent devotions has been that the Israelites knew so much about the coming Savior because of what the scriptures told them. Christ was not a stranger dropped on the people out of the blue. They knew He was coming, they knew who He was, and they even knew His name. The Bible is so full of God's promises to us, and knowing that God always fulfills those promises is comfort far beyond what our warm house in an ice storm can provide!