December 17, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Day 17

The icy weather is so pretty in many ways. I loved the way the iced-over snow reflected the lights on our yard decorations. However...

...the reflection of this tow truck and the headlights of our daughter's car are not so pretty! The poor baby came home after a long week of finals, and made it to within 100 feet of our driveway, but slid into the ditch as she tried to gain traction. What a bummer!! But we were so very thankful that it happened out in front of the house and not along the interstate, and as always we feel grateful for all the resources available to us to solve these kinds of dilemmas.

Here's the countdown progress:

1. Finished decorating DD's room just in time since she came home a day early - no complaints! It was very nostalgic to go through all the ornaments we collected for her over the years. My techie husband fixed up a techie touch for her tree - it turns on and off with a little remote!!

2. We've had some lovely packages arriving lately! My mom's peanut brittle is legendary and she never fails to deliver a batch to all of us at Christmas. Our daughter opened the box and just took a deep breath in to savor the aroma! She loves tradition as much as we do.

3. My dear cousin Holly surprised us with these adorable decorations!

4. Someone else in the house is enjoying the packages as well. I guess I can concede that she is cute on occasion.

5. We've had some true stress in our lives lately, and reading our Advent devotions every day has helped keep us focused in a very special way. Ending the day with "Comfort and joy, comfort and joy, tidings of comfort and joy".

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