December 15, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Day 15

1. Cards are mailed, though I should have my head examined for going out yesterday to the post office! It was so icy here and the temps dropped all day long, from the 30's when we woke up to the teens by the time I ventured out at 9am. The roads around here were as slick as I've ever seen them and I crawled along at 15 miles per hour to keep from sliding over the edge. I actually saw an elderly lady at the post office who ventured out with her walker! At first I thought it was the most dangerous thing I'd seen all morning, since she had to cross the icy street to get to the melted sidewalk, but my DH pointed out that she may have been a lot more stable on the ice with her walker than the rest of us with just our balance to rely upon! I also stopped for gas since we have a rule about not being low on gas during bad weather, and found that the handle was slightly frozen to the pump - it's cold here man! When I finished filling up, the pump screen thanked me for my purchase and informed me that my receipt was waiting for me inside - are you kidding me???? I looked across the expanse of iced pavement and the incline to the front door of the store, and realized that unless I wanted to get over there on my hands and knees, it was time to memorize the amount of $37.18 and do without a receipt! I got back home by driving down our gravel hill on the wrong side of the road, since that was the only place that had any sort of traction, slid past our driveway as I attempted to pull in, and then thanked God for answering my stream of prayers all the way home! So, if you get a card from us, put that baby in a place of honor on your mantel, won't you?!

2. Wrapping presents has been completed too! I've always loved that task and I used to approach it like a little art project, but we have this cat - that I may have complained about before - and she eats ribbon, tinsel, and raffia, which cramps my style a bit...dopey cat. DH applied a little Febreze in an attempt to make them less appetizing. No chews this morning, so we may be on to something here.

3. I baked brownies for the men's group meeting at church, and of course I put red and green sprinkles on them. Do the men really want those festive sprinkles on top? Probably not, but it's December and I can't help myself!

4. This was a very nice reflection in our Advent devotions recently -

"King Jesus will come humbly and tenderly to his people. The Scripture says He will come so gently that even a flickering candle would not be snuffed out, and yet He will establish justice on the earth. What a great King we serve!" (Orangewood PCA)

We were well into our Christian walk when we learned through good teaching (thanks John H.!), that the whole Old Testament of the Bible points to the coming of Christ. The verses referenced in the words above come from Isaiah 42. We may focus on preparing for this Christmas season for several weeks, but humanity was being prepared for this coming from the very beginning. In fact, it all starts in Genesis!

5. I'm discovering that making a purposeful effort to be calm about the items on my holiday list has made me enjoy and savor all the rituals and traditions a lot more. In the past there always seemed to be 4 or 5 things that I felt needed to be done nearly simultaneously, so it would result in a lot of tension and cajoling of others on my part. Maybe the gift of turning 50 is that you settle down enough to see yourself more clearly and you can get a grip! But, don't wait until then if you haven't hit that 50 mark yet - do it now and have a merrier Christmas!

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