November 13, 2009

Seeing Orange

Last month we pulled up the rest of the carrots in the garden. DH did the hard work of cutting off the tops of the plants and digging a trench along side each of the rows. Then we both got to work lifting them up out of the dirt, wiping off as much mud as possible, and filling up the garden cart.

And boy did we ever fill it! Pounds and pounds of carrots in every size and shape imaginable too. Most were nicely shaped, medium sized carrots that are sweet and flavorful.

But then of course comes the reality that they're going to need to be peeled...


And made ready for the next step - whatever that may be. This colander full of carrots was just a drop in the bucket from the pile that we picked, and took about an hour to get cleaned up. My hands and fingernails were a festive orange color as well!

And here comes the payoff! These smaller, slender carrots are fantastic roasted in the oven with olive oil and a French blend seasoning. Tonight I'm serving them with roasted chicken that's stuffed with a little goat cheese and cooked in a cranberry sauce. Don't you love fall and winter cooking?!

And these two cups of grated carrots - thank you dear food processor - were made into the real reason that carrots were invented...

Carrot cake of course! These are actually carrot cake muffins and they'll be part of a brunch menu for tomorrow. I'll get the recipe posted soon, but for now it's back to the brunch prep! Hope you have a cozy weekend.

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