November 20, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Frosty morning? Not quite.

Look more closely - kinda yucky, but pretty fascinating since it covers a huge part of our front and side lawn.
From a Cook County Illinois website:
"The sheetlike webs that sometimes appear overnight on lawns and
meadows, especially in autumn, are built by the funnel-web or grass
spider. Each sheet extends outward from a funnel-like opening
beneath which the spider lurks in waiting for grasshoppers and other
insects that may alight upon It. She constantly enlarges the web and, if
undisturbed, it may become a square yard in area."

It became much more than a square yard! So now we know that we have lots of bugs out there that the spiders are going after, and obviously we have an amazing number of spiders. Like I said kinda yucky, but just an amazing creation. I wonder if these kinds of things are what made the legends of woodland fairies come to life? Makes sense huh? I also wonder what the Farmer's Almanac would say about this number of spiders and the coming winter. Brrrr.....

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