October 10, 2009

October Special!

Oh yes indeed, it snowed on October 10th this year! We've had two inches and that sets a few records for both early snow and the amount that's fallen.

It's so pretty to watch, even if it is a little premature. It's given us a very relaxing, peaceful Saturday morning and that's a gift! I do, however, feel very badly for the folks around here that have literally worked all year to plan the yearly festival in our town. Visitors and vendors come from far away every year to enjoy our little county, and I'm sure there are lots of disappointments being felt on this 3o degree morning.

But we are feeling victory instead of defeat, because last night, rather than our norm of taking Friday night off in preparation for our usual hectic Saturdays, I encouraged DH to come out with me to the garden to see what we might be able to harvest. We knew it would be getting cold and that a few flurries might be around today, but we had no idea that we'd get an actual snowfall. To our delight, we found all sorts of wonderful things, including a brand new growth of tat soi, which we happily ate with our scallops! We would have missed all of these goodies if we had been our normal "end-of-the-week-slug" selves last night!

Green and red mini, second growth cabbages.

Carrots and more super-mini pumpkins, which my dear husband washed in a typically practical male way - using the dish drainer - ha!

A huge bag of fall rhubarb...mmmmm...it smelled so tart and good!

And we actually found a few more good tomatoes, a couple of peppers, and a pile of cucumbers. So this shot is my artsy-fartsy way of declaring that the harvest for this year has faded to black once and for all. Thank you Lord for a lovely season of delightful produce once again!

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