October 22, 2009

Fall Delights?

Yes, even in Iowa we have beautiful fall colors! This is a little tree at my aunt and uncle's house.

It's so pretty the way that they cluster on the ground and line the streets and sidewalks.

And then there are other things that cluster along the ground that aren't quite so charming...

These look like ladybugs, but they're actually Asian beetles. A little research revealed that they were brought to this country to help control aphids, and they traditionally wintered over in caves and hollow trees. Sounds harmless right? Well, surprise, surprise, they are now in the habit of wintering over in (and under) the siding on people's homes. We had quite the swarm surround our house a couple of days ago, and by the end of the day they were dead and lying in piles around the house. Apparently they couldn't make their way into our house or the siding, and they simply died trying. Not such a fall delight!

They tried to get in the back door.

They tried to get under the grill cover.

And they tried to get in the windows at the side of the house. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Sweeping them away sounded like gravel skittering across the porch. So, for anyone who gets the idea that living in the Iowa countryside is a perfect life, well...there are a few glitches now and then!

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