October 7, 2009

Bye-bye Bean Vine

One last hurrah for the hyacinth bean vine! Today was the day to cut it down for the season (so that DH can re-paint the porch), and I brought a few remnants inside to make an arrangement. O.K. - I'm obsessed with this plant!

Here it is in it's fullest.

And here it is, still looking regal in the trash bin!

It took me quite some time to get it all cut down, and as you can see, it was a twisted, sturdy creature again this year. Some folks wondered how many seeds I planted to get this much growth, and today I counted eight vines coming out of the ground, so apparently I planted eight seeds.

I sent out seeds this year to family and friends to have them try growing the vine in other places. Most had some success, though a few found that growing them in smaller containers didn't produce good results. One family member had the vine battered and bruised by hail, but discovered that it did well in a large planter, the way ivy vine grows in larger flower pots. I got just a couple of photos back...

My cousin grew this at her farm in southwestern Iowa. It's reaching for the rooftop!

And this one is growing in a garden in Minnesota - in the words of the gardener "in some gravel along the driveway"! I love how it looks on this fence.

So the seed pods are saved again for next year and fall clean up marches on. The roses have been cut back and put out of their bug-filled misery for the year. Maybe next year will be back to normal for them. We still have the big job of putting the garden down, but the carrots need to come out first. We actually have the "s" word in our forecast as a possibility for the weekend. Just a few flurries they say, but you know there's no turning back once that happens. Do I hear the holidays around the corner???? The next season of joy!

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  1. Oh, I am headed outside TODAY to get some cuttings of the bean vine for our dining room table! What a beautiful idea!! (and I'll grab seed pods while I'm at it!)