October 26, 2009

Baby Got the Swine Flu

Oh, the agony of the flu and the agony of having your baby too far away to take care of her! Our DD is suffering with a pretty high fever and all the other nasty symptoms that have quarantined her in her apartment on campus. The college has asked the students and staff to stay away from classes and stay in their rooms until their fevers are less than 100 degrees. It's all over campus - no surprise - and she thought on Saturday when she called us, that she was going to get away with it just being a bad cold, but when we talked again on Sunday afternoon, it was full blown. Her very sweet roommate vowed to take good care of her though, so that is a true blessing for us all. Thank you J!

It's too late for this round, but I am planning on sending her a package with food and medicine that she might use next time. She wasn't too well stocked this go, but all of these things will keep for a long time and should be a ready resource for the next cold or flu. It's the next best thing to mom being there! I included dry soup, broth, crackers, applesauce, little tuna salads (protein that's easy to digest), noodles, and cream of wheat packets, plus the necessary medicines like ibuprofen, vitamin C, cough syrup with expectorant, cough drops, and even Kleenex. She has a veritable collection of lip balms, and a good supply of tea bags, or I would have put that in too. I think it's a good plan for parents to send this kind of care package to their students, since they don't always know what they need to have on hand. Having this stashed away should help a lot in getting them through an illness - assuming they have enough strength to boil water, or a kind roommate to do it for them!

This picture of her suffering through a bout of flu when she was 7, always cracks us up! She had no patience for a drippy nose, so she just came up with a way to solve it, which was sticking tissue up her nose for a while - so pretty!! Almost as pretty as that fancy trash bag we hung off the couch for her convenience - classy!

Take care of yourself baby! We love you!!


  1. LOL! This pic is too funny. I hope she feels better really soon.

  2. Thanks, she seems to be rebounding as of today. And I did get her permission to post this goofy picture!