September 10, 2009


These are our heirloom French fingerling potatoes. I just love the color! Most of the color remains even after roasting or boiling. And yes, they taste great too!

The potato vines died off completely about a week and a half ago, and have all been pulled from the garden. Now is the not so easy task of getting all those spuds up out of the dirt! DH also loosened the soil along the sides of both potato trenches. This was some hard labor, because even though we've been working this garden for three summers, we still have a lot of clay-like soil. Pictured here is what he got out of the ground this weekend, both the fingerlings and the German butterballs, and represents about half the crop. The other half is still out there calling to us! As usual, our weekend got away from us, and this week has proven no less hectic, but hopefully we'll get out there together and get the job completed tomorrow afternoon.

The potatoes are currently laid out in the basement, curing. After consulting with both gardening uncles, DH came up with a method for keeping the potatoes, hopefully for months to come. The potatoes need cool temperatures, air flow, and darkness. We found these smallish baskets and thought they'd be a good size for storage. Not too heavy, and when we need to refresh our supply of potatoes in the kitchen, this would be just about the right amount. The idea is to layer the potatoes in the baskets, with newspaper between layers to absorb moisture. Another detail, the potatoes don't get washed before storing them, but just have the majority of the dirt wiped off. We don't really have a root cellar type of spot in our basement since most of it is finished space, but we'll do the best we can and see what happens. Our access to affordable, quality, organic potatoes around here has been abysmal at best, so Lord willing this will be the answer to that frustration!

O.K. - only one cousin has provided pictures of the hyacinth bean vine growing in her yard. Where are those pictures family and friends?????????!!!!!!!!! I know life is busy, but come on now - click, click, send.

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