September 16, 2009

Perfect Timing

New kitchen counter-tops in the middle of canning/freezing season? Really? Is this necessary now? Apparently so! It had been our plan to simply reserve the materials we wanted, which were part of a discounted supply the contractor had that wouldn't be around forever, and then wait until a less hectic time to have them put in. But then we found out that it would only take a couple of hours to install them. So...right in the middle of this season, we (well, primarily DH) took apart the kitchen, tore off the old counters, took out the old sink, and made way for the new. Here's the picture story:

Goodbye old sink that never fit the counter and was jury-rigged in place! Goodbye cheapo counters that had numerous pie shaped jigsaw pieces in the corners - who put these in anyway? Contractors gone wild would be a good guess. Apparently the previous owner of this house wasn't as snooty as us, but those counters were stinko and getting worse since we use our kitchen a lot, as you may have noticed.

This shot is all the proof we need that we have too much junk in this kitchen! Such a pretty mess with the vinyl table cloth over the nice one, and all the terribly "necessary" stuff piled around. Plus another utility table at the end of the dining room to hold more extremely "necessary" stuff. Our thought is that we'll put it all back slowly, as we need it, and anything left over gets the boot! We'll see if either one of us can live with the clutter that long!

Ahhh...such a treat to have these pretty new surfaces for working. I took this picture before we got any of the "stuff" put back, but after DH repainted the walls - oh, he had a busy day since he also had to reconnect the dishwasher, disposal, and faucet, which again had been jury-rigged by the contractor - lovely little surprise. The counters are a solid surface material, similar to Corian, and they're a darker shade of our wall color, which is a grayish green. My favorite part is the recessed sink, which means it's flush with the counter surface - no seams, which means no place for gook to accumulate. Nice, nice, nice. And I'll be honest, it was good to have an excuse to skip freezing some random garden item for a few days. Yeah, maybe it was good timing after all!

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