September 25, 2009

Farm Pond Art

In the past several years, since moving to our little acreage, we've enjoyed the pond views from our family room and dining room every day. I've taken lots of pictures, including this refelctive shot, that I used as a birthday card. There's just something about water that draws people - even if the body of water is a smallish, overgrown, once upon a time cattle drink pond!

We've loved the frigid winter sunrises over the frozen pond...

The stormy sunrises that turned the pond orange...

And particularly we've loved the birds that come to the pond. Everything from occasional ducks and geese, to seasonal hoards of red-winged black birds, to rare and surreal visits from blue herons and white egrets. These just seem too exotic to be fishing in our little pond!

This week I had the happy accident of turning a blurry photo into something that to me, resembles a water color painting. I really do mean an accident, since I was rushing to try and capture a picture of this egret from our porch without the benefit of a tripod. Now, truthfully I know just enough about cameras and the art of photography to capture what I like in a decent manner, but it's always a roll of the dice for me. In this case, I was using the super zoom abilities of my camera, but I'm unskilled at getting a clear shot using this feature. After being disappointed in the fuzzy photos that came up, I played with a few of my photo editing features, including "saturation", and I was really tickled with the way this photo ended up looking like a painting, since that's about as close as I'll ever get to creating a painting! Fortunately for me, the term "art" is subjective...just ask all those people who've been using your tax dollars to create filth and trash in the name of art - now THERE are some folks who know how to make the most of the subjective. I'm not sure if that's worse, or tax dollars being dangled in front of people to encourage them to produce propaganda art for the current "administration"... hmm, I think I've just gotten off on a tangent, and I know for sure I've just ventured into areas that I consider anything BUT subjective! I think I better go gaze at the pond for a while.