September 12, 2009

Fall Color

Trees are just beginning to turn here in Iowa, but our fall color is coming from the garden. The tomatoes are just going crazy, and the larger ones pictured here have taken their sweet time to ripen. They're called "Gold Medal" and are a lower acid tomato. They're kind of rough and rustic looking to me, very old fashioned. These were added to pounds and pounds of our other varieties and made into more stewed tomatoes for the freezer - 7 more pints to be exact. Good stuff. A few of my roses are in the corner of this picture too, and those poor bushes have had such a hard year! Now the tenacious things are making a comeback of sorts, with beautiful new, deep green foliage, but there is some sort of worm on them - we're about to cut them all down to ground level and call it good for the season!

Oh, Charlie Brown would be impressed huh?! A nice pumpkin patch indeed, and these big beauties are heirlooms called "Connecticut Field" pumpkins. They date back to before 1700 and were meant to be planted in the corn fields, which was a Native American practice. We've heard that it kept some pests out of the corn. If you ever visit Des Moines, you might enjoy the Living History Farms, where one of the exhibits demonstrates these kinds of farming practices used by the Ioway Indians.

And speaking of corn...FINALLY, we have a crop to talk about! While I was peeling and chopping tomatoes today, DH went out and pulled all the remaining ears, and took down the stalks. We've got enough to blanch and freeze, and that's a victory this year for sure! He even shucked it all out there in the garden, a good guy heh? In front of him are crops of both carrots and leeks, still waiting a turn at harvest and process. The garden list seems never ending at times, and we try not to be governed completely by what needs to be done, but utilizing all that bounty from God's earth is certainly compelling!

This just might be our favorite fall color this year!

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