August 10, 2009

Tomato Celebration

Here are a few of the heirloom tomatoes we've picked and enjoyed in the past couple of weeks. They are worthy of a celebration!

These are "Durzba" tomatoes, and you can see that they have ripened in quite a variety of sizes. These are said to have distinctive 'shoulders', which is the ribbing around the top of the tomato.

These are the "Bloody Butcher" tomatoes, awful name, but so much flavor in a little tomato. These are consistently about 2-3 inches in size, and it's vine is a true tomato machine!

These are some of the "Italian" heirloom tomatoes. They have such an interesting pointed shape, they are so meaty, with nearly no core and they're BIG! Most are softball sized!

And last but not least are these heirloom yellow pear tomatoes. These are growing prolifically in clumps of 10-15 fruits, and they're wonderful!

We had a great weekend helping our daughter get moved into her new apartment for the coming fall semester. Along with the moving and outfitting the kitchen, we met some of her friends, who were charming, and got to visit one of their new favorite restaurants, which is Ethiopian. Oh my it was fantastic! We've enjoyed African cuisine from Ethiopia, Erritrea, and Zimbabwe - in Washington D.C., Colorado, Maine, and South Dakota!! I urge you to try it out if you ever get the chance. It's very entertaining to eat this way too, as you use the wonderful spongy pancakes served with the food as your utensils. Everyone tears off a piece of the amazing bread and uses it to scoop up one of several savory choices on the communal plate. Great way to eat and fosters true companionship!

As I blogged last week, we took some of these lovely tomatoes up to our daughter this weekend. We took her and one of her roomates to see "Julie and Julia", which is a great movie, and our daughter was inspired by a scene in which Julie made fresh tomato bruschetta. She made it for Sunday afternoon lunch and she and her friends lapped up every last bite! I've put a bruschetta recipe on the recipe page of this blog which is just a guide, but if you don't know the pleasure of this simple treat, go there and try it out. You'll be celebrating tomatoes too!

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