August 3, 2009

Sunflower Mystery's the first cheerful girl, a dwarf sunflower, and...

...her twin sister???

Same packet of seeds, same planting day, and they're growing about 4 feet apart in the same planting bed out front. So the mystery is why in the world are they so very different from one another? Even the foliage is different. The first pictured sunflower has a rather spindly look to the stem and leaves, and the second one is very full and lush looking, and even has two baby sunflower shoots coming along the sides of the big one. The two flowers are the same height, and they both opened at the same time, but that's where the similarities end. Maybe we should chalk this up to a super cheap package of seeds from the local dime store! Truthfully I love them both and can't wait to see how they look with their seeds all nicely formed!

When I went out to take these flower pictures this morning, I wasn't quite sure what kind of damage I would find, since we finally had rain early this morning - along with thunder, lightening, and a little hail - ugh. But at least everything got a good drink, and all predictions say that the moisture coupled with the hot temperatures this week will cause our tomatoes to lose their minds and ripen in droves! The Omaha paper had an article this weekend about the slow ripening of tomatoes all over this region, but the spell may be broken now. I have the feeling that the canning frenzy is about to start. We begin with pickles tonight and I predict it's going to be non-stop for a while. Good stuff ahead!

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