August 4, 2009

Pickle Night

Combine 8 lbs. of heirloom Japanese Climbing cucumbers, circa 1892 variety...

...with 4 lbs. of heirloom Bianca di Maggio white onions, all cut thin on a handy tool called a mandolin...

...and you end up with this year's supply of Bread and Butter pickles! We canned 13 pints, which should be enough to last the year, provided that we don't give away too many and that DD doesn't raid our shelves too many times when she's home from school!

Here's the link to last year's pickle making blog entry, which has a few more pictures of the process. I always use the Bread and Butter pickle recipe in the Ball Blue Book of Preserving. It's a very good resource and well worth the inexpensive price. It was so nice to have DH helping me with these pickles this year. In just one evening we got so much done, and the kitchen was even clean at the end - woohoo! We just left the canning supplies stacked up in the kitchen because - those tomatoes, well, I can see lots of red all the way from the kitchen window!

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