August 5, 2009

North Slope Scenery

My little sister is way cooler than me - way cooler! This is what she saw this week, out her office window on the North Slope of Alaska.
This is a beautiful caribou, or what her girls called a "boo" when they were little! Her girls were fortunate enough to be raised in this beautiful part of our country, and now my sister and her husband have moved back there to resume life the "Alaska way". Do note that there is green in this picture too! It does indeed get very green there in the summer. The daylight is so long in the summer months, that things actually grow profusely there. When we visited a number of years back, I can remember being blown away by the enormous size and intense color of the most common flowers, like zinnias - amazing!

My sister works on the Slope, but they live near Anchorage, and now that they're going to be gardening up there too, I look forward to seeing what adventures they have. I think they should do an Alaska garden blog, don't you? Or maybe I'll do one for both of us and call it "Gardening from the Heartland, to the Hinterland"!

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