August 31, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Yah, I know summer's not officially over until September 22nd this year, but most of us mark the end on Sept. 1st , or the first day of school, or Labor Day weekend, whichever comes first. I remember when we were kids, you always started school after Labor Day and you were done by Memorial Day. Now kids go back to school so early in August, that if I was a kid, I'd feel robbed!

All around our garden and yard there are signs that autumn is approaching. This big sunflower is quickly turning into a bird feeder! It measures a full foot across, with some of the kernels not yet turned, some looking like the familiar sunflower seed, and some have already been plucked out. I cut it off and I'm drying it on the deck so I can take it down to church as part of the fall decorations I plan to work on this week. The kids always like having things they can touch and explore, which I like better than having a group of "DON'T TOUCH" decorations that torment them! Last fall it was a regular site to see gourds and pumpkins being hauled around church by little ones!

And now for the purple hyacinth beans! My vine is so pretty right now and a little hummingbird has been visiting every day - such an amazing bird. How are your vines doing? If you got some of my seeds to plant this year, this is an official plea to send your photos to me. I have hopes of posting photos of these beautiful vines growing in different states, all having come from last year's plant - so please, pretty please, send your photos?!!

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