August 6, 2009

Garden Comfort

Growing and harvesting your own vegetables, fruit, and flowers has got to be one of the most satisfying works on earth. It gives such great reward - everything from fresh air and exercise, to healthy food, plus a real sense of comfort. I actually had an endorphin rush when DH brought this little beauty in from the garden! This amazing vegetable looks like someone took a set of watercolors to it - exquisite.

This is an heirloom Turks Cap squash that has been growing vertically on our newly installed garden trellises. It has some brothers and sisters still on the vine, and some are bigger than this one, which is the size of a small cantaloupe - exciting!

It's also comforting to harvest a crop of something like these onions, that can be preserved and enjoyed for a while to come. We're debating about whether or not to chop and freeze our onions, or try to keep them in a more old fashioned way, such as braiding them and keeping them in a cool dry spot. We'll see. As quickly as we go through onions around here, it may not be much of a problem anyway!

These onions are drying on our deck until "the dirt on them has dried out", according to one of our gardening resource books, The Garden Primer.

It's also very comforting to take a load of freshly picked, organic produce to our baby, who is out on her own, but still our baby. This all came from our garden last night - we've got a huge flat Dutch cabbage, a huge red cabbage, yellow and red tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, and two kinds of potatoes to take up to her. We'll be helping her move into her apartment for the coming fall semester, and who wouldn't want to have a little comfort from home to help get that refrigerator stocked?!

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