September 4, 2009

From the Jungle

All in an evening's picking! There was such a variety in this haul too. Down the center of the picture is a cabbage that was a second growth plant after the original had been picked, a mini cantaloupe that DH decided to grow vertically this year, a turbin squash, and our one and only mini watermelon of the season! And yes indeed, there is corn in that picture - FINALLY!! So far, we can't say it's the best corn we've ever planted, but it's satisfying to have some ripen. The cucumber vine will not stop - it's a total beast! We've supplied several rounds of cucumbers to much of DH's office staff this summer! My favorite thing of all however, is that bag full of mini pumpkins. They just ring my chime! I love any kind of pumpkin, and I'm looking forward to the other two kinds still on the vine in the jungle you see below.

Yes, it is out of control and we don't much care at this point in the season! We've had some nights dip into the 40's already, so the rapid growing season has come to a close. There will still be plenty of goodies coming out of this overgrown plot though, including a whole big bunch of potatoes that need to be dug. That's the project of the weekend and we'll have our DD here for Labor Day weekend too. But we haven't told her that this labor is in the mix - it might keep her away! We'll soften her up with homemade Pad Thai when she gets here tonight, and then we'll tell her that the jungle is calling!

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