August 19, 2009

Back to School

Was it really 14 years ago that she went off to her first day of kindergarten - really? Really? It is so cliche, but it truly doesn't seem possible. Wearing a jumper I sewed for her and decked out with her Pocahontas backpack, she very happily skipped out the door, and we walked her up the street to school. What a moment in time.

And today, she headed out in her car - for the beginning of her junior year of college. Unbelievable. If you have little ones still in your home, cherish, cherish, cherish the moments. Parenting little kids can be so overwhelming that you forget to enjoy the thrill of it all! But the good news is that parenting a mostly grown child is thrilling as well. Watching the adults that they become is just fascinating. Oh, and you should also cherish the relatively small investment of getting them back to school when they're little. Rather than a new back pack this year, she needed to be set up for an apartment, the usual new fall clothes, and last but not least, 4 new tires for her car - ouch! She's worth every cent though - every last cent!

We also stocked her car with a load of fresh garden veggies since she'll be cooking for herself this year. We picked a true peck of peppers last night! Check the recipe page for a stuffed peppers recipe and picture in the near future - tonight? I also plan to make pepper jelly this year, so this gorgeous load of peppers will certainly not go to waste. The other things we picked last night included rhubarb, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes - loads of them. DD made her version of bruschetta last night and I know that salsa making is just around the corner. Happy Days!

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