July 1, 2009

Still Living in the Wild Kingdom!

So serene looking eh? But what a critter-filled, creepy, crawly day we had! It all started when a spider landed on my arm before I had even crawled out of bed. That did it for me, I was up in a flash!

Last year I blogged about our little piece of Wild Kingdom here in Iowa, and today the saga continued. After my rude awakening, it was out to the garden to do a little honest labor. Weeding, watering and then SCREAMING - that part happened when the snake slithered along the foundation of the house underneath the water spigot. I am petrified of snakes, and please don't waste your breath telling me that it's just a garter snake, or that they're a good thing to have in your yard - PUH LEASE! Therefore, in all likelihood I will never be visiting that water spigot again, for as long as we may live here. I'll just have to get water from the kitchen sink I guess!

My poor darling daughter was the next victim. She's home for a week to visit, and volunteer at a local camp, and celebrate the 4th of July with church gatherings and family parties. Today she was "convinced" to finish up the mowing that DH had started last evening. We didn't tell her that we just had the lawn mower fixed because there was a mouse nest up inside the engine compartment. We didn't think she needed that knowledge since she doesn't like going into the storage shed to get the lawn mower anyway! Plus the fact that in the past few days, she had twice been flipped out by our two huge toads that live in the front flower beds and under the front porch - she loathes them since they have a way of lurching as you go past them! So, she was already on edge we'll say. Back to mowing - the two of us are such girls that it took us a while to get the padlock on the shed to open, and once inside she was confronted first with wasps, and then with a stinking mouse scurrying across the back of the shed - dang! She came tearing back into the house, and then I had to go out there with her, fly swatter in hand for the wasps and beating on the walls of the shed to make sure all four footed critters were scared away. We finally got her into the seat of the mower and out to the yard, but what an ordeal! Between these little events and the fact that DH mistakenly thought to tell her about the snakes and mice he's recently run over while mowing, I have no doubt this girl will never go near that mower again!

During these various adventures, we had of course consulted with DH by phone, because you know he has nothing else to do all day at the office but bail us out of our little pickles - right. And as usual, DH did the guy thing on the way home, and arrived with snake repellent and mouse "food" in hand. Riding to the rescue of his girls as always. Our very own animal tamer in the Wild Kingdom!


  1. Eww! Eww Eww Eww!! This entry is disguesting. I hate bugs and any wild creatures. At the next church lunch, just don't tell me what's in your dish. Haha... jk the last part.

  2. Hee, hee! At least the only thing inside the house was the spider, and I just recently learned that there are so many spiders in the world that we are never more than 6 feet away from one at any time - sleep well!!