July 28, 2009

Purple Passion

The first red cabbage has been picked! A big two pounder, and you have to wonder why it's called "red" when it's this gorgeous deep purple color. It's just a wonderful sight, right down to the purple veining in the leaves. We've done a lot of things other than cook with red cabbage over the years too - everything from dying Easter eggs with the boiled leaves, which gives the most gorgeous blue color, to using the chopped leaves as part of an acid/base chemistry test while we were homeschooling. With this big beauty though, we made one of our long time favorites - sweet and sour red cabbage. Click on the "Garden of Recipes" tab above to find the recipe.

And speaking of purple beauty, how is your hyacinth bean vine doing? You can see that ours has fared quite well again this year. It's even spreading out to both sides instead of just one like last year. You can see the spires still stretching up and around, trying very hard to attach to the patriotic bunting. I talked DH into leaving that up until the end of the month and I think it will come down none too soon!
I'm still crazy about these purple orchid-like flowers! Do you have pictures to share? Send them!!

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