July 8, 2009

Garden Roll Call

Here's a list of what has actually made it from our garden to our table this season:
  • radishes
  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • tatsoi
  • pak choy
  • beets and greens
  • chard
  • broccoli
  • snow peas
  • English peas
  • cabbage
  • zucchini
  • red bunching onions
  • assorted herbs
Here are photos of a few of the most recent pickings. So far I haven't been cooking anything terribly photogenic with these good things, but I think the raw veggies in this case are worthy of a picture by themselves!

This cabbage is an heirloom variety called Early Jersey Wakefield. I love the conical shape of it, and it was just perfect when I cut into it.

This is a summer squash variety, which many of us call zucchini. This too is an heirloom and is called Striata D'Itlalia, which even a non-linguist can translate to striped Italian. This is one of the mildest squashes we've ever grown. We've made a point out of picking it smaller this year too. Makes a big difference. Last night we grilled it with along with some scallops and it held up very well. And oh yeah, the scallops happened to be wrapped in bacon and brushed with a maple syrup, BBQ glaze - my, my. Makes the bugs, heat, and humidity of summer a little more bearable! It was the 25th anniversary of our first meeting yesterday, ergo the celebratory meal. And if you're curious, the meeting was a blind date set up by mutual friends - thanks pals!

These heirloom bunching onions are a variety called Crimson Forest, and I think that they're a lot milder than a white bunching onion. These poor babies made it to the table against all odds. They were planted next to the chard row, and every single time I harvested the chard, I trampled the poor little grassy stems of onion trying to survive. Duh, we could have just strung a piece of string over the row to remind us to go around! I think the early summer heat fried our brains a bit this year. But just like every other year we've gardened, things have a way of surviving in spite of us, and we are privileged to enjoy the wonderful results.

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