July 25, 2009

Dinner in the Garden

There was no actual dining IN the garden - bugs, snakes, you know - but a dinner menu FROM the garden. We had guests for dinner last night and it was my goal to have as many garden ingredients incorporated into the menu as possible - and as much organic as possible. They enjoy that challenge at their home too. It's gratifying to eat what you grow!
Here's the garden view from our back door - looking pretty cleaned up for now!

This is a wonderful time of year when lots of things roll out of the garden at the same time. What seemed like a doable amount of cabbage suddenly becomes a challenge - but a good one! Below is a shot of what we brought inside from one 10 minute evening stroll around the garden. Never go out there without a bag and something to use for cutting!

Last week we brought in broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, a jalapeno, cabbage, Swiss chard, tatsoi, and lettuce.

Which one is more beautiful?!!

Besides our roses and tomatoes, here's what we had on the table - an appetizer that was basically a homemade boursin cheese spread with fresh basil, served on top of our cucumber slices; shish kabobs which included our zucchini (plus herbs that were in the meat marinade); another round of cranberry pecan coleslaw with our cabbage; pickles that I canned last fall; and rolls served with our apple butter. Our guests had rhubarb in their garden and brought a delicious rhubarb cream pie for dessert - old fashioned and fantastic! The recipe page has two new recipes from last night - citrus chicken shish kabobs and the cucumber appetizers. The coleslaw recipe is there too. Click the tab above for "Garden of Recipes" and enjoy!

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