July 20, 2009

Bodacious Corn

This is what an Iowa garden corn crop looks like. This is NOT our corn.

This is my uncle's corn.

This is Penny, their sweet cat who helps to keep the critters out of my uncle's corn.

This is what my uncle's corn looked like, just before he and my aunt generously picked some for us to take home.

This is what we ate for dinner that same night. Bodacious variety corn, the first ears of the year, and it was an experience to remember for sure. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

Our corn??? It may still happen but who knows. The first year we planted corn, the raccoons destroyed it, last year it was good, this year not so good. Oh well, like I've said before, gardeners are always looking to the next season and besides, we are GOING to have tomatoes this year - oh yes we are! Lord willing it's going to be an extra special tomato year.


  1. "Lord willing it's going to be an extra special tomato year."

    All that heat you've been having ought to insure it, eh?

  2. Time will tell, but I've got the salsa recipe ready!