July 29, 2009

BLT Bliss

There's not too much more that can be said beyond this photo is there?! Oh...it's just one of the best parts of summer around here. This blisswich was made with organic peasant bread, organic/no nitrate bacon, our amazing "Rocky Top" lettuce that just keeps on keepin' on, and our luscious heirloom "Italian" tomatoes. Truth time - after taking this photo, I added another layer of tomatoes to this sandwich, since I just can't have too many tomatoes. I did the second layer with our other early ripe tomato, called "Bloody Butcher". Of all the things you could have named a tomato, huh?

Leeks, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and onions are all coming out of the garden now. Potato leek soup made it onto the recipe page so far. Click the "Garden of Recipes" tab to check it out. And there is hope for the eggplant yet, little babies are finally developing out there!

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