June 25, 2009

When You're Not Looking...

...nice things happen in the garden - like these beautiful heads of broccoli and our first peas! The reason we hadn't been looking in the past couple of days is our weather. I blogged about beating the heat on the 23rd, and it's been something else since then. Last night we spent just a few minutes outside and we were both drenched and dripping, and that was with virtually no exertion. Again, my thoughts went to those who have to work outdoors in this combination of heat plus extreme humidity. I don't know how they do it. We also had the lovely site out front of our daisies in full bloom. At least some things appreciate the weather!

When you're not looking, bad things also happen in the garden - bolted spinach and tatsoi, weeds, weeds, did I mention weeds? There was also a little garden damage from the awful winds and sideways rain that lasted nearly 45 minutes the night before. That amazing heat did in fact produce some horrible storms that same evening, and our electricity did go out, AND the generator did come on! Right on cue, just a couple of minutes after we lost power. We were so thrilled!

And when it comes to our God-blessed country - lots of things happen when we're not looking. It's a little like watching a train wreck some days, and it's tempting to shield our eyes. But perhaps if we take our hands away from our eyes, we may have a chance of getting a few things off the track before the train crashes into all of it. Things like the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, choice of public or private health care, and maybe most importantly our Constitution. Lately there are those who seem to want to lay it across the tracks. For the sake of our kids and grandkids, we have to fight to keep the good things intact so we don't have to tell them, that it was lost while we weren't looking.