June 18, 2009

That Tornado Time of Year

Ahhh, nothing quite like spending most of a summer's evening in the basement with the weather channel as the main attraction! The other shoe has dropped, and we finally got some hot weather for our garden, but unfortunately that leads to something the Midwest is famous for, which are severe thunderstorms that lead to tornadoes. We went through quite a series of thunderstorms last night, with one in particular that caused us to go under a tornado warning. That's when we head to the basement and watch the t.v. to see the progression of the cells as they move across our county. We had to keep watch last night until 12:30 - stinko. We are very fortunate to have a sturdy area under our basement steps in which to take refuge. It made me think about the fact that we are even more fortunate to have a God that wants us to take refuge in Him every day, regardless of the weather.

We did have a bit of comedic relief during all the hail, lightening, and 60 mile per hour gusts! Just before things broke loose, we hurried out to the deck and front porch to put our potted plants under cover. That caused an intake of some little transparent, lime green bugs - sorry that's the best I can do for identification since entomology is not my thing! These buggies like the light, and congregated on the ceiling above my chair and table lamp. I looked up and saw them all, and of course did the "girl dance" and freaked out a little, which causes DH to do the "hubbie dance" - you know the one where they immediately spring into action to fix the problem? I love that dance and feel blessed to have a hubbie who knows the dance! He was sure that our new cordless Dustbuster would be just the tool to get the bugs sucked up, but he couldn't reach from the floor since the ceilings are higher than normal. So picture him standing in my upholstered chair with hail beginning to crack against the windows and lightening getting really wicked, and just as he turns the Dustbuster on to go after the bugs, the electricity pops off and then pops back on a few seconds later. He turns the Dustbuster on again, and out goes the electricity. Actually, every time he turned the Dustbuster off, the power would pop back on! It happened three times!! Finally the weather radio sounded a tornado warning, rather than just a thunderstorm warning, and we abandoned the bug quest and headed to the basement. It was truly a slapstick moment!

Not so funny is the damage that was caused to some people's homes and crops. Always such a shame. We were spared anything of consequence, though some of our garden took a battering. Below is an older shot of a "tomato nursery" that we started with some of our homegrown tomato seedlings. They have done extremely well, and we've even given a couple away. After the storm however, there was a bit of havoc in the nursery.
But DH thinks that the stems are only bent and should recover. We'll see. But that's the way the cookie crumbles, and besides, our darling daughter is on her way home for a long weekend, and we'll be celebrating Father's Day together. All is well!

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  1. I was the lucky one that got to go out at 2:30 in the morning to get the patio furniture out of the garden. I had to change my pajamas when I came in of course!