June 29, 2009

Pretty Things

Baby beets and a "mess" of greens. Apparently the term "mess" just refers to an unknown quantity, like "bunch". I've always thought it was a very quirky term! These two varieties of beets are both heirlooms, one golden and one called albino, though it has red veining. This year I took the advice from my very favorite gardening cookbook, "The Joy of Gardening Cookbook", and picked these when they were golf ball sized. Once we decide which recipe to try out, I'll post that and the picture of these beauties. We did eat the greens last night, dressed with a little olive oil and balsamic - yummy. I just steamed them in my rice cooker basket. You can put the veggies in the cooker near the end of the rice cooking time, and kill two birds with one stone. If you want to buy the rice cooker we have, click here. It's easy to use and very affordable too.

These fresh peas are sure pretty! We cooked them last night as well, as part of rice pilaf. They were very tender and sweet. However, I must confess that I'm not quite sure that growing this kind of peas is really worth it. This big pile of pods yielded less than a cup of peas. When you think about the affordability of organic frozen peas, and compare that to the effort to plant, water, pick and shell this little bit of peas - maybe it's not worth it. I would say that snow peas are much more worth the effort, since I have rarely seen fresh organic snow peas at the grocery store, and frozen snow peas are just not the same animal. What do you think? Are you totally hooked on fresh garden peas?

How do you like these curly, twirly garlic plants?!! I think they're just fascinating. The one on the far right made that pretzel twist all on it's own. Our experiment with garlic growing is good so far. Can't wait to dig it up! We did try digging up some potatoes. We've read that you can start checking them about now and continue harvesting them throughout the season, however, there were only two little bitty potatoes to be found under the plant we dug, so we'll leave them alone for a while longer. I will say that those two little potatoes were perfect, and very, very pretty things!

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