June 23, 2009

Let's Play - BEAT THE HEAT

This hydrangea is called 'Endless Summer' - hmm??

Up at 4:40 AM today, to the sound of our alarm system beeping, indicating that the power has gone off at some point. It was on again, but DH went out at 5:25 anyway, to make sure the generator battery was properly in place, "just in case".

I got up shortly after this and started thinking through what needed to be done before the big heat came around. Shut all blinds, close rooms that don't need to be cooled. Plan dinner and make sure its something that can be grilled if needed. Make sure my cell phone is charged. Shut down as many electrical things as possible to reduce the load - big computer, big TV, etc. Forget the plan to do more laundry today.

Then it's off to run errands in town. The grocery store doesn't open until 8, so that slowed me down. It's 7:55 AM and 82 degrees. Drop off movies, get groceries, zip back home and ignore the mouse that just ran across the road in front of our house - ignore the mouse, ignore the mouse. Darn, it was a big old mouse.

Rush the frozen yogurt into the freezer in the garage. Then before coming inside, head out to the garden to pick some lettuce for dinner - ignore the weeds, ignore the weeds. It's too stinking hot to pick weeds.

Bring in the rest of the groceries and group all the dinner stuff in the front of the fridge so I will only have to have the door open momentarily to get dinner fixings out. That's just in case the power goes out and the generator doesn't come through. You see it's never been put to the test - only in theory will it come on when needed. Call me skeptical.

Back outside to pick one huge hydrangea bloom, so that if the bush wilts down to nothingness again today, we will at least have had one beautiful bloom inside to enjoy. Then on to watering the plants on the porch, while dodging the birds who are out there making their 5th nest. Guess the "wait them out - they'll get tired of rebuilding" tactic of DH isn't going to work??

Finally it's out to water the herbs and seedlings on the deck, only to find that the cilantro has totally croaked, and then I curse myself for not watering before I went to the grocery store, since I could have picked up some fresh cilantro there. The cilantro I needed for that very carefully planned meal for tonight - ugh!

I would say that except for the cilantro, I won the beat the heat game! It's 8:55 AM now, 84 degrees, 87% humidity. The prediction is for a temp of 95 degrees, with a heat index of 105-110. We're under a heat advisory until 7 PM. Stay cool and say some prayers for the elderly and babies who are stuck without the necessity of air conditioning on days like today. And for those who must work outdoors - that they may have intelligent and compassionate supervisors!


  1. Luckily my supervisor was both! We got to stay inside and crawl around in the 99 heat rather than being outside and laying cables!!

  2. Yeah! We were thinking about you and the little future students!