June 16, 2009

Funny Weather

Alright - it's confirmed - by my Master Gardner Uncle - we are having very strange weather this year! And furthermore, it's causing some strange garden behavior. The things that should be done, are still going strong. And the things that should be coming on like gang busters, are just piddly. Our corn, for example, is really struggling, and apparently the nighttime temps need to stay above 60 in order for it to do it's thing. It was such an encouragement when my uncle and aunt were here on Sunday and compared notes with what's going on in their garden too. Truthfully we were beginning to wonder about our heirloom seed experiment this year, and now we feel more comfortable that the seeds are not the cause of the sluggish growth and spotty sprouting behavior we've seen. Whew!

Here are a couple of things that are thriving in the cooler temps - besides bugs galore that is! First, my hydrangea, which gets 'wilty' in hot temps, is just as happy as a clam, and actually much healthier than it was last year.

And then this begonia, that has been on our porch since just after Easter, can't bloom enough apparently! I've never had this much success with a plant that was mass produced for the holiday season. I kept it at church for a couple of weeks and then brought it home and put it outside, where I expected a few weeks of enjoyment but got much more.

Then there is the never ending lettuce and spinach still pouring forth from the garden. They're cool weather crops of course, and it has been so nice to have a longer time to enjoy them this summer. Below is a picture of the Greek pizza we cooked up on Friday night. Fresh spinach from the garden, piled high over the top of feta cheese, Calamata olives, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts. A pizza to make Popeye proud!
How is your garden doing this year???? Let us know!

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