May 11, 2009

Suffering Seedlings!

Oh, such optimism, such excitement, such a sense of accomplishment to see these beautiful plants popping up under the grow lights in the basement. BUT, not so fast there. DH decided to try planting the seeds right into peat pots, so that they would be able to be plopped directly in the ground and therefore skip the step of transplanting the tiny little things into bigger pots during the seedling process. We found that particular step a little stressful last year, since those new plants are so very tender. However, what we've now learned is that the peat pots tend to suck the moisture away from the tiny roots and cause them to dry out too much and starve. In a few words, we lost most of what we planted in the beginning. Live and learn. So, re-planting happened with a better watering schedule and going back to what worked last year. Happily the new batch of seedlings is doing well and will work for a second round of planting, and in the meantime...

we are very fortunate that we have an heirloom gardening center near us and we could supplement what we lost. For the most part we got the cruciferous vegetables and tomatoes, plus the most essential herbs for our kitchen - parsley, basil, and cilantro. We weren't able to get 100% heirlooms as replacements, but pretty darn close. We'll get these in now and follow up with the smaller seedlings soon. Gardening is a grand experiment!

Well, this is all then.

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