May 19, 2009

Square Footing

Our garden is a mixture of many styles of planting and growing this year. One of the styles we're revisiting is Square Foot Gardening. If you look at my Gardening Books site, you can take a look at the awesome book. Here are the steps we followed for our square section of the garden.

We started with this pile of supplies, which of course included our new garden wagon, The Gorilla Cart, filled with the "dirt" components, and this little bundle of white vinyl pieces we purchased from the Square Foot Gardening site...

We assembled the bundle of white pieces into these nifty 4x4 squares and put the lining fabric in the bottom...

Then mixed the dirt components, which are vermiculite, peat, and compost. We were fortunate to get some of this as organic matter. DH saved his back power a little by mixing these together with his tiller! Then, this planting medium was shoveled into the cart and dumped into the squares...

There is a removable grid that you assemble as a planting guide, and you simply snug your seedlings down into this lovely soft dirt and voila - your square foot garden is off and growing!

It was no small job transplanting 48 seedlings into these plots, but don't they look nifty, especially with the colorful veggie cans surrounding them for protection?! My Uncle J uses these for new transplants in his garden, and he supplied us with an abundance of our own this year. I wonder who it was that cut the tops and bottoms out of these cans before they were given to us??? Some nice guy I suppose.

I hope you try this style of gardening, whether you buy the components, or make them yourself. It's very user friendly and gives encouraging results with just a little TLC!

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