May 4, 2009

Pella Tulip Trip

On May Day, a friend and I had the privilege of spending the day in beautiful Pella, IA. We were actually there one week before the official tulip festival, which means that we missed out on some of the activities, but all of the crowds! I'm not too patient with throngs of people trying to photograph the same tulip at the same time, so our timing was perfect for me!

You guessed it, this is a Dutch town with a long heritage of being so. There is an amazing bakery, a special meat market (which happens to sell cheese made by another friend's family Frisian Farms), and a number of other lovely shops. Let's just say the two of us stimulated the economy of Pella in our own little way! I'll also say that the baked goods and special meat and cheese purchases helped warm our husbands to the fact that we were gone all day long!

You can see from the photos, that this is an enchanting town this time of year. Not only were the tulips perfect, but the red bud and crab apple trees were in prime bloom too, which made for petal showers throughout the day - lovely!

But of course, the stars of the day were all the common, and not-so-common tulips. I am told that the tulips are dug up and new bulbs of varying type are re-planted every year - wow! That explains why people throng to Pella year after year. It's truly inspiring!

Love the tiger stripes on these tulip leaves!

Well, this is all then.

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