May 27, 2009

Hellos and Goodbyes

We've had an emotional last several days. In the midst of much ado, our 24th wedding anniversary quietly passed by. Next year's anniversary will NOT be quiet - Lord willing! Our baby got home from the two week tour she took with her college choir to the Netherlands, and we had about 24 hours with her before she headed back north to start her summer job - make that three jobs - oh, the energy! It was hard to say goodbye since this will be the first summer she won't be at home. Another passage. We are so blessed to have this child to love and parent.

More hellos and goodbyes happened in Colorado, where we went for Memorial Day weekend, to attend my niece's high school graduation. All four siblings in my family were together for the first time in a long while. I said hello to a brother I hadn't seen for two years, and goodbye to my sister and her family who are all off to Alaska to live. Passages never stop do they? I thank God for all the love the four of us share and the bonds that haven't broken over the years. And I'm thankful for the brief time we had together!

Here we are in Deer Creek Canyon for a breakfast cookout.

And a hike through the beautiful cliffs.

This is Eagle Cliff, look closely to see the formation.

Swallow nests on the sides of the cliffs.

There were also wildflowers along the way but my pictures weren't good. However, we came home to the beautiful sight of our own Colorado columbines blooming out front! There really is no place like home, once you find out what that means.

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