April 30, 2009


Thank you Jim and Marie! What an amazing gift. They have an asparagus bed that is 20 years old and it puts forth this bounty and much, much more every year. Their health is holding them back this year, so "guest" harvesters are coming in to help out, and the payment for this help couldn't be any more rewarding! The bonus is that you get to spend time with them as well, which is always a blessing.

DH brought this heap of asparagus home after stopping to help them out earlier this week, so we've been indulging ever since. So far we've roasted it with olive oil and S&P, and we've steamed it with lime juice. Next, I'm going to try an asparagus quiche. I'll be putting the picture and a recipe on a new companion blog to this one, called "Favorite Garden Recipes". At least I think that's what it will be called! Other companion blogs will be up soon regarding some of our our favorite things. Links to all will be on this blog, so keep a look out if you're curious!

Well, this is all then.

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