April 27, 2009

Planting All Over the Place

All around the house, we've been putting in seeds and transplants and hoping that this wild weather doesn't wreck it all. There is just a slight little rivulet in the garden as we speak, and more rain is on the way.

In the front we planted seeds of dwarf sunflowers, spearmint, morning glory, and of course the hyacinth bean seeds. Many of our perennials are up and growing and we are struggling to keep the voracious deer from eating things down to the ground - like my favorite little Columbine-ugh! Recent transplants from Uncle J and Aunt P included lavender and dianthus for the front beds, and near one of the backyard bird feeders, we planted a butterfly bush, plus a daisy plant that was surviving against all odds in the back of Uncle's pick up truck! Thank you both again!

The seeds that have been sown directly into the garden are peas, sugar snaps, Helios and French Breakfast radishes, and pole beans. Soon to go in the ground are these little beauties:

On the way to us from Seed Savers.Org is a shipment of German Butterball and French Fingerling potatoes - pictures above are from their site. Both are organic and both sold out! We ordered them in February and asked for them to be shipped this week. A co-worker of DH says that comparing the German Butterball potatoes to Yukon Golds, is like comparing a VW to a Mercedes. Oh my- can't you just see the steam coming off of them as we pour them into a bowl for dinner and toss on a little butter and parsley! Lord willing!

P.S. A request - prayers would be appreciated for my step-brother undergoing brain surgery this week.

Well, this is all then.

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