April 18, 2009

Neither Rain, nor...

...snow, nor heat , nor gloom of night..." or so the saying more or less goes. We didn't have anything but the rain, which also means mud. But we didn't let the rain or mud stop us from doing the garden chores that were on the list for the weekend. Just put on your wellies, forget about your hairdo and get out there and get wet. I vowed that this year I would participate in more of the outside work involved in gardening, and I really feel that after helping to make three, thirty-foot fencing trellises, I'm done for the season - obligation fulfilled. DH is shaking his head no, so maybe I will be drafted a few more times!

That is some hard work, but I wasn't doing the hardest part, which was pounding 15 stakes in the ground with the manual post driver, which weighs nearly 20 lbs, and is lifted and slammed onto the top of each post until it goes far enough into the ground. Let's just say I'm glad to be a girl today! The tools we used, including the post driver are shown here. You can't make it out in the picture, but included in the pile of tools is some ear protection, since the sound of the posts being beaten into the ground is resoundingly loud. Your ears are rather numb afterward unless you protect them!

This fencing is actually concrete reinforcing wire and came in a 150 foot roll. We didn't need all of it, so my Uncle J will use some of this too. Like I said last season, gardeners are good at sharing!

Pictured below are the finished rows, which are all inside our electric fence. They will be home to peas, cantaloupe, squash, watermelon, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and even our tomatoes. Yes, it's an experimental year for sure. We're trying to see if there is anything that you CAN'T grow on a trellis I guess!

On a final note, we say Happy Birthday to my nephew in sunny CA, and my Aunt P who lives close enough that we could deliver a little carrot cake to her to help celebrate. See there, if you move to Iowa you get cake from us on your birthday!

Well, this is all then.

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