April 8, 2009

Mole Wars

There are few creatures in the world any more unattractive than this thing -

(image from Wild Cru)

And this is the beautiful thing they do to your lawn -

Special huh? And we've had these all over the back yard until recently... We discovered a gadget that seemed too good to be true, but it really does work. At least it's been working so far. It's a P3 Sonic Molechaser. You stick it down into the lawn, it runs on D batteries, and emits a noise that is apparently unpleasant to these vermin. We've moved it around the yard several times and the new piles of upturned dirt have stopped. It's a little odd, but I'd rather see this out in the lawn than a mole hill!

The battle may not be over, but we think we've found an effective weapon. BTW, last year we kept them out of the garden by spraying castor oil, which kills the grubs they're after. That worked in a confined space, but you can't really do that over an acreage. We'll post an update if the balance of power shifts again!

Well, this is all then.

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