April 15, 2009

Boy Toys

He hauls, with his favorite new garden toy - works so much more efficiently than a wheelbarrow with a constant flat tire. Thanks Santa Claus! The first use for the cart was putting mulch around the asparagus bed before the weeds take hold.

He tills, with a tiller that is more familiar this year and worked like a charm - unlike last year when it took 3 grown men to figure out how to turn the thing on! We bought it used and the manual was long gone. But this year, with ease, the whole garden is beautifully tilled and ready for the next phase - planting!

He mows, with his trusty rider that started right up, after being stored in the shed all frigid winter long - maybe our streak of things breaking down is ending?? We've recently had everything from cars to weather radios go on the fritz and it was such a relief to hear the hum of that motor! DD made instant mulch for the garden by "rolling" the cut grass with the mower. Now we'll use the cart again and get the mounds moved over to the garden. Let the work begin!!

Well, this is all then.

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