March 30, 2009

Signs and Wonders

A sure sign of spring and a mystery solved! At least one of the things we planted last fall was a group of daffodil bulbs! We're still waiting for the reveal on several other green beginnings, but this is a cheerful start to the blooming time of year. And here is what I wonder - what is it about daffodils in bloom that seems to encourage snow?!! We had a Saturday of sleety, wet snow, though it was nothing to complain about compared to what our family in Colorado enjoyed!

And here is something else I wonder - how many of you have had the immense blessing of sharing a 99th birthday celebration with your grandmother? Here she is as the queen of the day and she even made a speech of thanks to all who attended to help her celebrate! She has led an exemplary life - faith filled, humble, steady, and loyal. Grandma, you are one in a million and I love you dearly. Happy 99th birthday - officially today!In her famous words - Well, this is all then.

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