March 2, 2009

A Good Start

It's the magic seed time! Everything that benefits from being planted as a seedling (instead of being planted as a seed directly into the ground), has been started in our basement. DH has a formula for the planting medium he likes best - 2 parts peat moss, 1 part vermiculite, and 1 part perlite.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that we had a bit of a problem with seed labeling and organization last year-really not the fault of DH, but it was fun teasing him in the entry named Turnip Town. This careful system of labeling Popsicle sticks with a permanent marker, is our start of a much more deliberate planting process.

So, all sorts of wonderful things are cooking away with the grow lights positioned right above the flats, and underneath all the little babies is a heat mat that's big enough for four flats of seed starts. We now have 3 and 1/4 flats filled up with broccoli, eggplant, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and leeks to name a few. As I mentioned last post, the tomatoes and peppers were started first. We'll start herbs and flowers next. I don't know about you, but trying to find flower starts that haven't been used and abused is getting harder and more expensive, so we'll try starting our own this year. We'll see how that goes!

This is always such a fascinating thing to do. You open all these little packets with these tiny little specs in them, and it's unbelievable that this is what will produce pound after pound of vegetables for you and your family and friends! All that information packed into those tiny seeds, many of which look the same, but of course they will produce vastly different vegetables. If doing even a little bit of gardening can't convince you that God created a marvelous world, there just might be no hope for you! But I pray there is!!

Well, this is all then.

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